Monday, January 26, 2009


Sometimes right before I go to bed...usually at midnight...I go upstairs to watch my kids breathe. ...just for a min. Eyes closed, soft sighs, and pure content. Tonight I am trying to remember what happened to the almost 3,300 days that I have had Hayden in my life. He tells me each day how much he loves me, and he means it. He begged me tonight to tell him about when he was a baby. I told him that I carried him everywhere with me, even when I was doing laundry. He gave me pure and utter joy like I had never felt before. Tonight he sleeps in his room and dreams of great things. Emma sleeps too..and surrounds herself with two dozen stuffed animals. She sleeps peaceful and so lovely. I look at her perfect face and blond strands of hair and I feel lucky to my toes and back.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

three brunettes and a sushi chef

Jen, Amy, and Andrea
"I will tell you what is in it after you eat it." - Big Mike, Sushi Chef extraordinaire

haha we love this pic! Thanks for the sushi Big Mike!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Our hand are the first extension of ourselves. When we meet someone for the first time, our palms touch and our eyes meet.
When I was growing up I loved my dad's hands. He would work at a seminary teacher in the day, and then at night he would work as a hobby auto mechanic. However greasy and black his hands got at night, he would scrub them clean ...and in the morning he would have no sign of working on cars.
I love to look at other people's hands, old or young. The lines... they tell a story.
When I was dating I could tell if I would like the guy just by how his hands look. Even now...when I find a nice pair of hands I have a hard time ...ahem...not staring.
I envy piano hands. I love dramatic talking hands. I ache for loving hands. I use my helping hands. I miss the hands of friends that are long gone. I reach for my husbands hand.
I lay my hand next to my sisters...intertwined with my Grandma's aged fingers on her last day in her own home...and that night I softly hold my Emma's young hand...and watch her sleep

Sunday, January 4, 2009

i love jullian

So my sister in law Abs got me hooked on Jillian Michael's. The tough, mean, make you cry and doesn't care trainer from the Biggest Loser. I ordered her workout and was fantastic! She didn't make me cry, but I wanted to. I already can't wait for another 20 min with her tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendation Abbie!