Sunday, October 28, 2012

Maggie's Day at School

Hayden invited Maggie to join him at his school for a special pre-school. She was so excited the day of the event! She told me, "Mamma, I need a backpack." I found her the smallest one. Then she said, "Mamma, I wait for the bus."  She went right out front and sat on the steps. I had to hurry and snap a few photos before I broke the news to her that I was taking her to the school. "No, Mamma! I wanna ride the bus!" HAHA! She did finally get into the car and I took her to Hayden's school. He did a great job with her! They did play time, a puppet show, snack, and an art project. Hayden was so glad that his sister showed him a little love (aka didn't run away). He kissed her over and over again.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The truth about mammograms

October is breast cancer awareness month, and if you are lucky, free-umbrella-with-your-mammogram-month! Here is the deal. I am not 40 yet, the magical age of the first recommended mammogram—but I didn't want to wait any longer. A few weeks ago I called the hospital and made the appointment. Here are a few myths...dispelled:

Myth #1 - It hurts.
This is sooooo false. I have had high fives that have hurt more. Uncomfortable? A tad. Painful. No way.

Myth #2 - You have to have standard size boobs.
Again, false. I asked nurse Bridgette what happens if a gal comes in with plateau chest, or what about big mamma mountain tops?? How about fakies? The quick answer: there are ways to accommodate all sizes, all types.

Myth #3 - The appointment will take forever.
20 minutes tops, baby.

Myth #4 - A call back from the hospital to ask for an additional mammogram means you have cancer.
Nope. A call back for first timers like myself typically means that they want to get more information. The first mammogram is the baseline for all others that follow. So it's essential to have the first mammogram as accurate as possible.

Myth #5 - The results are slow.
So fast. So fast. They will call you within 24 hours if there is a concern, and if your mammogram is normal you will get a friendly postcard within a few days.

Myth #6 - You have to be 40.
Guess what? Most insurance companies pay for mammograms anytime after 35.
Myth #7 - The "ladies" will get squished like a pancake.
Uh. Ya. I'll just say this...under NO circumstances, no matter how bad you want to DON'T LOOK DOWN!


I was just alerted that my sister, Toots, checks this blog in hopes of an update. YEAH! Somebody checks my blog! Thanks Toots for making my day. :)