Monday, September 26, 2011

a big milestone!

Hayden turned 12 this week, and it was such a great few day. He was so happy to 1st, pass hunters safety, 2nd get his first gun!!, and 3rd, to get ordained into the Priesthood. We loved having all of our family there for such a special day yesterday, followed by such a fun visit and dinner. We are so fortunate to have family that supports us so well during these big milestones. In another 12 years Hayden will be in a completely different phase of life, and that really seems so far away. But, I know how fast these last 12 have gone, so it is time to take advantage of each and every day. I still remember bringing him home from the hospital and touching his tiny toes and watching his tiny face and knowing that he was very special.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

what 40 is!

My sister Jeannie turned 40 a few weeks ago.
40 is pretty smart! And pretty! And the life of the party. She is happy, and helpful, and loyal and sincere. :)