Saturday, December 20, 2008

a baby changes everything...

This season we have received many Christmas cards. Well wishes from dear friends. One stood out. A family...a need...and hope... that a baby would soon bless their home. They sold their dream home to try in-vitro, twice...and twice...nothing happened.

Now they ask a special plea for friends and family who know of a birth mother wanting to place her baby for please consider them. This couple is near and dear to can find out more about them going to

Friday, December 19, 2008

bring it

me, sue, erin, val, jen look how strong my arms look.
jen thinks about something delicious.

val and erin. happy b day erin!

val and i had a friendly arm wrestle chili's, and i totally beat her. it was...pretty much the best day of my life. i have never ever beat anyone except emma in an arm wrestle. 2009 will be intense because there will be a rematch...and high stakes. so bring it val. bring it.

talk to me while i'm listening

texting. typing. blogging.
talk to me while i'm listening.

tv.internet. ringing.
talk to me while i'm listening.

shopping. working. running.
talk to me while i'm listening.

eliminate the noise. now i can hear.
talk to me... i'm listening.

i'm listening.

hope. happiness. love.
i'm listening.

understanding. compassion. grace.
i'm listening.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gala's all week long baby

So first of all, let me introduce you to my new favorite word, "Gala". It means a festive celebration. Honestly, the word party has lost all meaning for me. From now on it is Gala all the time.

Gala 1 - Friday night Gala at the Estates with my Gram and her new friends. It was....well...luckily Joe Sako was there. His almost grandma Nina was SO nice to Gram. I hope that there is a new friendship there. The food was nice and the people were all great. Honestly though, a little karaoke would have been nice. It would have bumped this Gala into outstanding.

Gala 2 - Giga Gala for my favorite Boss with his favorite managers. This Gala was so much fun, and took place at one of my favorite festive places...Maple Gardens. The thing that was special about this Gala was the fact that we gave our boss some super sweet gifts. Namely "I heart Judge Judy" shirt, and a JAZZ shirt. Fun was had by all. Also, Gina bought my lunch - love that girl.

Gala 3 - Company Meeting Gala. More like a meeting, but because we all got laser pointers it has been escalated to a Gala. Also cookies and cranberry juice were served.

Gala 4 - Girls Gala. I am actually just coming off of this Gala high. It was so much fun. A shout out to Val, Jen, Jessica, Kaylee, Lindee, and Taylor. I got what sounded like a really good item off of the menu, but it turns out it was just a giant block of mozzarella cheese melted and then topped with one single tortilla chip. Otherwise this Gala was tops. So fun. I love these girls and feel so blessed to have wonderful friends at work and beyond! We missed you Gina!

The coming few days will be filled with more Gala's and I can hardly wait.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i've never

  1. won anything from the 'claw' game that is inside grocery stores and malls... that looks so so so easy and as it turns out was built by really mean people to make small children cry
  2. worked with nicer people
  3. been to visit my gram in her new place...however there is a Gala this friday...
  4. had a better corn dog than at the fair
  5. been to lake powell
  6. gone skydiving (but i wanna!)
  7. been so happy
  8. had a beer
  9. listened to ABBA without dancing
  10. wanted to go to the beach more than right this second
  11. snowboarded
  12. let my kids go to bed without a kiss
  13. strayed from name brand cereal since I moved out of the humphrey's home stead
  14. played the wii
  15. eaten potato salad at a work potluck

Sunday, December 7, 2008

that one moment

Every year I have one moment when I catch the Christmas Spirit. When I finally can't wait for it to come. When I think how exciting it will be to give the gifts I have been hiding. When I think of the special birthday that we are celebrating...and think of his hands outstretched to me.

The moment usually happens on my way home from work while I am listening to Christmas music. The moment hit me on Thursday on my drive home, and I could hardly contain myself. Saturday we made our yearly trek to get a REAL Christmas tree at one of the fruit stands in Brigham. The tree smells SO good, and is super tall and for sure a Charlie Brown tree. I am especially grateful because we just found out that all my brothers and sisters will be coming home for Christmas. This just adds to my already good mood.

When the feeling finally comes I want it to last all year. Sigh...sugar cookies anyone?