Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the suprise.

The bishop kissing Nola!
Best Friends for 40 years, Alvera and Nola.

All my helping hands.

Nola, glowing.

Shauntae and Nola.

I think that possibly one of the most exciting things you can do for someone is the unexpected. The big unexpected is even MORE fun. Late in the day on Monday I found out that my cute friend Nola had been neglected on her 90th birthday. Nobody had made her a cake, and there were no candles for her to blow out. 90 years!!! Of course when I heard this I told my friend Alvera, her BFF, to have her at my house at 6pm and I WOULD have a house of PeOPLE, CAKE, and a PARTY!!! Luckily the house was clean, so all I needed to do was run and go get a cake and some balloons. I called three people, and they called ...and then they called...and then they called. I had people volunteering to bring things, and the urgency of the party and making Nola feel special made all of us work together so well. I told the lady at the cake counter at Kent's the story of Nola and how she had been forgotten, and when I went to get the cake a few minutes later (she put her name on the cake), the price was slashed in half. The unexpected. The tiny unexpected. I felt a rush of just pure happiness and true love for this cute lady. At 6pm the cars started to fill our driveway and by 5 after 6 we had a room packed with people. Alvera arrived with Nola just minutes later. Her expression was priceless as we all said "SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" I pulled a warm chocolate cake out of the oven (the only way she likes it), and gave her a big piece. Everyone brought cards and made her feel so loved. THANK you to ALL my friends who helped me in this small cause. I am so lucky to have each of you!

Friday, June 26, 2009

channeling my inner Paula!!!

Randy aka Wendy Wilson, Paula aka me, Simon aka Mark Jones

Ohhhh it is SO much fun to be a complete airhead! I loved playing the role of Paula again at MarketStar ROCKBAND 2009!!!

A few of the things I said:

" When you open your mouth to sing, there is something very very soothing about your voice, and its like a breath of fresh air, and its like, ahhh, I love that voice, and its different from any other voice in the competition, so keep on going."
"All you can do is the best you can do."
"That's what I call ARTISTRY!!"
"Shut up Simon!" *note, Simon never said anything to me
ALL of the performers were FANTASTIC!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the ego

What happens when you let go of your ego and just let the other senses take over? Do you become more vulnerable? Hummm. This is what I think about at 11pm at night. I think having a bit of an ego is essential right? But also being able to open up and admit you are wrong is pretty important too. Too much pride will kill you. Too little will make you go un noticed. Or will it. Hummm.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

cha cha cha cherry hill

Despite the weather being rainy most of the weekend, we did indeed have an amazing time. The food JD, Kory, Jerry, and crew fixed was AMAZING. We had BBQ chicken, cheesy dutch oven tatoes, beans, rolls, salad, and 2nds all around. The kids had a good time swimming on Friday night, and we were all glad that the sun came out on Sunday. Yeah! We also got to see a lot of family, it was so fun to hold my nieces baby Charlie, he is so cute! I am glad that this tradition is still standing, as it is a great time to visit with Kory's side of the family.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I must confess.

I kick my husband when he snores. I love blue collar workers, especially elevator repair men. I can't get ready in the morning without music. Carving pumpkins makes me a little queasy. I used to go to the truck pulls with my Dad in Morgan just hoping I would meet someone 'nice'. I shave my legs religiously each morning, and sometimes again at night. The older I get the more risks I take. I get upset each and every time I open an Almond Joy when realize there really are just two almonds. I have always wanted to wear glasses. I feel very inadequate mingling in group settings, however I am very at ease speaking in front of a large group. I can eat a whole pound of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate in 3 days. I loooove hand dipped corn dogs from the fair. Love them. I check out hands. I hope Boozer gets traded. I rarely sit still and relax without falling asleep. I don't like when people wipe their nose and then look in their Kleenex. I have cried at work. When people ask me if I remember them, I always say yes (even when I don't!), then...just as my father taught me I say " I remember your last name...but tell me your first name again.." after which they repeat their entire name, works every time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

i don't understand

  1. kate gosselin's hair
  2. where my motivation for running went
  3. how people keep up on their laundry
  4. why people are still wearing banana clips. two sightings in two days!
  5. why your face gets wrinkles but not your hiney
  6. where chemistry comes from, you know the butterfly kind deep in your tummy
  7. pigs in a blanket, how you make them, or the desire to eat them
  8. why all the bachelor's and bachelorettes take helicopter rides. Soooo not reality!
  9. why I must have a bowl of cold cereal, name brand and sugar kind, before bed
  10. gravity
  11. how the stars look so close but are so far away

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the BBQ

Nothin like a good BBQ to kick off summer! Hayden, Joe D, Joe S.

Mike chillin before dinner.

The ladies...Wendy, Robyn, Gina, Amy, Julie, and Wendy.

Steve and Julie

Emma takes PK on a horse back ride. Well, Emma IS almost 7!

Like two little kids at the fair! We could not stop laughing! Watching them mount the horse and dismount brought me to tears!

My little sunshine.

Notice Robyn in this pic. I love it!!

Joe, Robyn, and Wendy

Joe and Torey.

Hayden working on his mean spiral.


Cutest ever PK and the horses.

Kory grilling elk, salmon, chicken, and pheasant.

Gorgeous Gina!

We had a few people from work come for a BBQ and we had a great time! Everyone brought a side dish - Gina brought her famous baked beans, they are AMAZING!! Wendy D brought freshly baked rolls...mmmmm so good, J Pipp made the best cobbler we have ever had...apple and raspberry and he timed it just right, Julie brought a fruit tray filled with EVERY kind of my favorite fruit and a super light whipped dip, and Robyn made a green salad with strawberries that was perfect for summer!

I feel so fortunate to be able to work with so many fine people. I call each one of them friend, and rightly so. Thanks for coming everyone!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i felt the EARTH move UNDER my feet!

Emma dancing her hawaiian dance.

Last day of school!!

New glasses...
Luckily no sky came tumbling down. It was SO fun to be part of an earthquake!! WHOO HOO!! Anyway, my first thought was not...RUN TO A DOOR WAY!! It was WHAT IN THE H ARE THE KIDS DOING DOWNSTAIRS!!! Hummm. I need to work on that.

So, I went the the doctor on Monday and it turns out I am far sighted, which means I have a hard time focusing up close. I was wondering why my head and eyes felt so strained after a day of working at the computer. I picked out some cute librarian glasses, and Emma made sure to tell me that I look better without glasses. However, I am pretty happy with them.
The kids had their last day of school today, and they were very happy!! Let SUMMER BEGIN!!