Thursday, September 23, 2010

a boy and his horse.

There was a horse, born 26 years ago on hill below the mountain. This horse was tough, but small in size, and because so ...nobody wanted her. There was a boy, who wanted the horse, the horse that nobody wanted. He needed this horse, and she needed him, and so it was decided. She was his best girl, his companion of the outdoors, and the magic in his childhood. The boy rode the horse high and low, whispering in her ear, and telling her all his stories. She took him places, just she and him, all over the face of the mountain. They grew up together, this horse and this boy, the horse that nobody wanted. They went to college, to rodeos, and miles and miles of hunting. This boy and his horse.

The years went by and the horse got sick. But, oh, how she was wanted. The boy was a man, and knew the time had come, but didn't want to face it. The man and the horse walked together... to a special place on the mountain, and the man and his horse looked at each other... one last time. The boy hesitated. The man was brave. And the world stood still. For a moment it was just the boy and his horse, and all those miles, and all those trails. It was her shiny coat, and her warm smell. Her tough personality, and loyal friendship. It was all the years, and all the memories, all remembered in a few perfect moments. Then the thunder clapped, the sound rang strong, and the mighty girl went quiet. This horse that was so wanted. The boy and the man, they fell together and drowned in the sorrow. A bond that could never be broken. Because the boy loved the horse. And the horse, well she loved the boy. He buried her in a safe place on the mountain, a place they both called home. Next to a rock that will never be moved, and a buckle never to be worn again. This horse that was so wanted.


Toots said...

This truly brought tears to my eyes just now. When I saw that first picture of Kory next to Tory I got choked up. It makes you sad for the fact that Kory has known this horse nearly his whole life and since he was the youngest--he probably spent a lot of time with her when everyone else was growing up. What a special tribute, Aim. Like you said, what a brave man. My heart goes out to Kory.

Amy W said...

This is my favorite pic of Kory and Tory.

Rupper Family said...

So tender Amy. Reminds me of Marley and Me-every time I watch it I want to go out and get a pet for my babies to grow up with. The pictures you took say it all.

Ashley said...

Oh Amy that was so beautiful. I am bauling my eyes out and not for the first time today about horses. I have a serious and lifelong passion for horses and completely yearn for that loving connection with my own horse someday. Thank you for sharing that tender story of Kory's. I have deep respect for those that have so much love for horses.

shauntae said...

That was so touching. I know how hard this was on all of you. What a wonderful tribute to the boy, man, and horse.