Monday, November 23, 2009

thinking about giving up.

Sarcasm. So the deal is, I love sarcasm. I grew up with it. I go to work with it. I use it in my daily conversations. But, sarcasm, I am giving you up. At least for a few days. If things go well, I may try for a week. For now, I am just going to focus on today. I have a feeling it is going to be harder than I think.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

things I like that most do not, and things I don't that most do

I like strangers touching my belly.
I don't like ice cream sandwiches.
I like/loveeee leg warmers.
I don't like movies set in the 1800's where the women wear big dresses - however I would like one of those big dresses.
I like asking people questions nobody else dares.
I don't like the super duper Twilight craze - however, I was one of the first to read the book, and I DO love the book. Just not the craze.
I like waking up to the windows open and light spilling in. Good morning sun. Good morning day.
I don't like big surprises. Unless they involve a lot of money.
I like sneaking a few Christmas songs before Halloween.
I don't like the obligation of tons of neighbor gifts.
I like pickles at the movie - however, this is just in fantasy. Who really gets a pickle at the movie?