Sunday, January 17, 2010

the real housewives of Box Elder County

So, if I were on the real housewives of Box Elder County (not yet rated) I would wear these boots every day. I love them that much. They are old gringo lucky boots, and I am putting it out there to the universe that I need these babies! They would help me look good during the fair. They would turn heads at the grocery store. They would make small children like me and old men hug me. They would make people believe that I was born and raised country. They would sound real nice walking across a wood floor, and look fabulous in my closet of shoes. Yes, indeed.
I need these boots.

Friday, January 1, 2010

another ten down.

2010 baby. Here are my favorite moments of the last decade, in no particular order.
1- Moving into our new home. Building it however was not one of my favorite moments.
2- Having baby Emma. Cutest chin ever.
3- Walking into Wrigley Park on opening weekend for the Cubs. Wow, complete nostalgia. I loved that feeling. Loooved it.
4- Finishing the BOM in 30 days.
5- Having the world not end for Y2K.
6- Listening to Kory laugh at Disneyland on Space Mountain. He had never been to Disneyland and it was priceless to hear him having so much fun.
7-Being the photographer at Sundance two years in a row for MStar.
8-Finishing the half marathon, and all the training. Today I walked upstairs and got winded, again, not a favorite moment.
9-The USU football game with my Dad, Mom, Hayden and Emma when they won using the true freshman QB.
10-When my brother Jut got married to Abs &When my brother Todd got married to Fati...even though we were not able to go to Spain, I was still so glad to have a new sister in law.
11- Going to SLC to Olympic Park with Kory in 2002 and realizing that the world was at our doorstep.
12-Being Hayden's soccer coach when he was 5 and 6.
13- Feeling this new baby move each day.
14-Singing with all my cousins at Gram's funeral. We sounded dang good! I only wish we would have recorded it. I also loved singing at Gramp's funeral.
15-Climbing to the mine with Ladd, Erica, Kory and the dog named Max. That was a great hike and made me appreciate my desk job.
16- Laying sod in our backyard with a few dedicated family members and neighbors. Seeing my kids roll on the grass that day was hilarious. They were sooo happy!
17-Having Hayden get baptized. Such a handsome dude.
18-Making new friends, real friends! That are meaningful and make my life complete.
19-Going to Denver with Kory for our anni last year, we had a great time getting dressed up and spending time together.
20-Going to Good Things Utah with Toots a few years ago. That was so much fun!
21- Selling the Camry with 225,000 miles to someone who we knew would love it just like us!
22- Taking the train in Durango when the kids were just little. That was the best train ride ever.
23- Going to lunch with my Dad when he was at BE as a seminary teacher. The football games at the high school with him were also so much fun.
24-Last summer, our trip to the Uintas and riding four wheelers and chillin with the fam dam in the huge cabin.
25-Beating my boss at bowling.