Thursday, April 29, 2010

something old. something new. something borrowed. something blue.

This is my old dress...on my new little Maggie...whom I borrowed from God...who gave her eyes as wonderous as the deep blue ocean...

hair and there.

The kids had a crazy hair day today at school. Anything goes!! Color your hair purple! Where ten pony tails!! I have got to be totally honest here. I thought Emma looked super cute with her crazy rat nest pony, and I liked how Hayden's face really popped with his spiky hair. After school the review was in...all the kids thought Emma looked "pretty" and Hayden looked "cool". Ironic? Possibly.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everyone loves a double chin.

Maggs is six weeks old! I found this dress that was Emma's when she was a baby, so we had to try it on Maggie to see how it looked. For the record, Maggie looks very different from Emma at this same age. Emma was bald and had a little bit fatter face. Thankfully, she has lost both of those characteristics.

Friday, April 23, 2010

That one song.

There is always the one song that mom's sing to their babies. This is mine. "You are My Sunshine" has always been one of my most favorite songs ever. I sang it to Emma when she was small, and have sung it to Maggie ever since she was just a day old. I don't know if it is obvious, but Mags loves it when I sing this to her. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

broken bone, broken dream

The day started with a first smile from the baby. The kind you wait nine months for. The kind that reminds you that everything in the world is good.
At noon the phone rang and the school said that Emma had been hurt. When I got to the school I could tell just by the way that she was sitting that she was in real pain. We went home, and the tears just could not be stopped...she was really hurt. I called her Doctor, who told me to take her in for an X ray. I knew we were in trouble when I touched her arm and she yelled in pain. Not a good sign from my tough little girl. As soon as the X ray came out the Dr said, "Well we have a break in the collar bone." Then Emma REALLY started to cry. I finally got her home and set up in the recliner so that she could rest. It is hard to keep this girl down, so I knew she was really hurting.
At four Kory went to get his booth for the Republican Convention.
At five the delegates started showing up.
At six we were pulling out all the stops, making sure everyone knew who he was.
At six thirty we had one of many delegates stop and tell us that they had heard great things about Kory, and that he came highly recommended for the position of Assessor.
At seven Kory gave a magnificent speech to the auditorium filled with delegates.
Ten minutes later we both had tummy nerves.
I have never been so proud of him.
At eight Emma had some medicine for her pain. And feel asleep
At ten Kory came through the door, and I knew just by the way he quietly shut the door and set down his keys that he had not made it through to the Primary election.
At midnight, I finally fell asleep and wished I could erase the whole day.
Until... I remembered how my morning had started...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the sound of my heart.

273 days she heard the beat of my heart. 273 days I waited for her. 273 days I loved her. With my whole heart. This heart...she knows. This heart...she recognizes. The sound of my heart....273 days just the beginning...