Sunday, March 15, 2009

before she knew.

Before she knew she had cancer she would borrow babies from mothers arms to make them giggle in church. She would make her own wheat bread, and famous egg rolls. She would loudly proclaim her love for her kids...with an emphasis on loudly. She would brag about being Gordon's first kiss. She would bear her testimony and teach us all to be better people. She would wake up with a positive attitude each and every day. She would live a life full of adventure and fun. She would speak her mind and give us all a dose of humor.

Of course, after she knew...she did all that too.

We will miss you Eileen!!!!


Toots said...

Beautifully written, Aim. What a nice post in honor of Eileen. I hope your week goes well with her funeral ahead. This is a great picture of her.

Rich and Tyra said...

I LOVE this post. We will miss her so much! Thank you for letting me know when you found out. We were out of town so I truly appreciate it.

Kathryn Marie said...

Amy you are amazing! I love you!!