Friday, October 22, 2010

a tribute.

When I went to Parent Teacher conf. yesterday there was an amazing tribute to all of the Grandparents of 5th graders, and MANY other great people from our past and present. It was in the main lobby of the elementary. Hayden pointed out where HIS was - all about Grandpa Humphreys, placed fittingly right by Henry Ford. I love that Hayden loves his Grandpa Humphreys! He also wrote a little card about BOTH of his Grandpa's for serving in the military. I loved it!

Cold little heaven...

I took the kids on an adventure to Cold Stone Creamery on Sat. It was the best! Hayden and Emma were blown away by all of the choices. Sprinkles, brownies, candy bars, toppings of every kind. And what did they get?? Emma got cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears. A favorite of some of my favorite people. Hayden got cotton candy ice cream with ...kit kat. Anyway, he thought it was the best thing he had EVER tasted. Clearly, I need to take them out for fine treats more often. We all had a great day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

seven month spin.

Love this little angel.

26.2 miles, and a girls trip!

We had SO much fun in St. George cheering on my brother as he ran his FIRST marathon! He did amazing! Coming in at around 3:40. It was a rush to see him and all the other runners pass us near the end of the race. I nearly cried on several occasions. The blind man running, the first woman to cross, and of course my brother... all got me emotional. We had a great time shopping and eating afterward, and hearing Toots' good news!! She is preggers with lucky #5! The best part was meeting baby Will. He is soooo sweet. There is nothin like meeting a new baby for the first time. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new blog, just for atmosphere.

For those of you interested in reading what I write, I have created a new blog called 'Atmosphere by Amy Wilde'. I will keep posting to this blog as well, but my crazy, random, and sometimes meaningful writings will now be posted on my Atmosphere blog. Thanks for reading!