Thursday, September 23, 2010

a boy and his horse.

There was a horse, born 26 years ago on hill below the mountain. This horse was tough, but small in size, and because so ...nobody wanted her. There was a boy, who wanted the horse, the horse that nobody wanted. He needed this horse, and she needed him, and so it was decided. She was his best girl, his companion of the outdoors, and the magic in his childhood. The boy rode the horse high and low, whispering in her ear, and telling her all his stories. She took him places, just she and him, all over the face of the mountain. They grew up together, this horse and this boy, the horse that nobody wanted. They went to college, to rodeos, and miles and miles of hunting. This boy and his horse.

The years went by and the horse got sick. But, oh, how she was wanted. The boy was a man, and knew the time had come, but didn't want to face it. The man and the horse walked together... to a special place on the mountain, and the man and his horse looked at each other... one last time. The boy hesitated. The man was brave. And the world stood still. For a moment it was just the boy and his horse, and all those miles, and all those trails. It was her shiny coat, and her warm smell. Her tough personality, and loyal friendship. It was all the years, and all the memories, all remembered in a few perfect moments. Then the thunder clapped, the sound rang strong, and the mighty girl went quiet. This horse that was so wanted. The boy and the man, they fell together and drowned in the sorrow. A bond that could never be broken. Because the boy loved the horse. And the horse, well she loved the boy. He buried her in a safe place on the mountain, a place they both called home. Next to a rock that will never be moved, and a buckle never to be worn again. This horse that was so wanted.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

taking it all in.

Maggie is already six months old! I am trying to take it all in and just enjoy her little babiness, and fat cheeks, and drooling smile. At six months old she already loves fashion, shakes, and late night movies. She loves cuddling, walks in the park, and sunsets. Kory's whiskers, Emma's realistic animal noises, and Hayden's kisses. Sometimes I will think to myself, "I have THREE kids!"...and then I smile. It does not really seem possible, but here they are all calling me Mom. Well, almost all of them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

my Angel Emma.

Emma had a great day today, and was so excited to be baptised. She looked like an angel the whole day, even covered in mud on her way in the door tonight after playing with the dogs and feeding the horses. She has already confessed to me that she has sinned. She took food out of the kitchen. LOL! I am pretty proud of this freckled face little girl. She has had my heart for eight years.

THANK you so much to my family and close friends who came to support Emma. I was in tears just thinking about all the love. Sigh. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

hello September.

Fantastic pic taken by Ladd Darley. It is of Kory and Boyd in Yellowstone.

I think I love September the most. It is the month I fell in love with my hubs, 14 years ago, on the most beautiful campus in the world at Utah State University. It is the month that is still Summer, but almost Fall. It is new clothes for school, and corn on the cob. It is Peach Days, and some of my favorite birthday's. It has one holiday, that requires no gift giving. It is filled with fantastic photography light, just before the sun heads down for a little sleep. It is by far my favorite month. So my September, here is to you, the next 27 great days. I hope you don't let me down.