Thursday, March 5, 2009

i wonder.

pre-bday celebration...

I wonder if the grass is ever really greener on the other side.
I wonder if Kory is having fun collecting some nice racks with Ladd.
I wonder if guys really pee in the shower.
I wonder if Jack Johnson secretly has a crush on me too.
I wonder if Abs and I will ever make it to Greece.
I wonder what Heidi and Seth's daughter will look like.
I wonder if Emma will ever just do what I say.
I wonder if there really is a paperboy.
I wonder if if I am too old to have more babies.
I wonder if all men have a Molly.
I wonder if peeps eyes really don't ever digest.
I wonder what the weather is like on the other side of the world.
I wonder if I ever will own a jeep.
I wonder if I will be at my job for another 10 years.
I wonder if I will learn to surf one day.
I wonder if joe sako really knows something about bowling after all.
I wonder how my mom raised six kids.
I wonder if my friends little bean growing inside her is a boy or a girl.
I wonder if people are nicer on facebook than in real life.
I wonder if it is all just circumstance.
I wonder when my dad started to get gray hair.
I wonder if I will learn how to ride a horse this year.
I wonder if my drummer friend James will be famous one day.
I wonder how you know if a friend is someone you can trust.
I wonder what I will snack on tonight while watchin ER.
I wonder how I got so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life.
I wonder if my Grandpa has met God.


Abbie + Justin said...

I would say....Yes, let's make it to Greece one day. In the meantime, come down to SD all the time and you can learn how to surf. :) My ER snack the past few episodes has been a smore. I love Dr. Carter. I definitely think people are cybernice. I wonder all the time who Chellenor raise all you kids. Definitely not too old to have babies. :)

Abbie + Justin said...

Oops, typo - HOW Chellenor raised you kids. I could never do it!

Happy Friday!!! One week until we fly away from Ohio. The reality is finally hitting me.

ED said...

I wonder too... if Ladd and Kory are finding lots of racks and if Ladd would you know sell a rack for a rack! LOL
Oh and you are so not to old to have babies!

Toots said...

I will be one to ALSO say you are to have babies. Nowwwwww, is there an inkling that a thought could be stirring? Don't know about facebook since I don't use it ever, and I often wonder how Mom managed with 6 kids...and yes, there really is a paper boy but you just never see him. Molly is a cute girl. Kids don't always do what you ask, but when they sure it's the best, isn't it? If only they'd listen more often to Mom and Dad...but then that would be a Walgreen's world..too perfect. :)
Anyhow, that sure is a cute picture of you, Aim.

Toots said...

oops, typo too! I meant to say, you are NOT too old to have babies.