Sunday, November 15, 2009

things I like that most do not, and things I don't that most do

I like strangers touching my belly.
I don't like ice cream sandwiches.
I like/loveeee leg warmers.
I don't like movies set in the 1800's where the women wear big dresses - however I would like one of those big dresses.
I like asking people questions nobody else dares.
I don't like the super duper Twilight craze - however, I was one of the first to read the book, and I DO love the book. Just not the craze.
I like waking up to the windows open and light spilling in. Good morning sun. Good morning day.
I don't like big surprises. Unless they involve a lot of money.
I like sneaking a few Christmas songs before Halloween.
I don't like the obligation of tons of neighbor gifts.
I like pickles at the movie - however, this is just in fantasy. Who really gets a pickle at the movie?


Marc and Jenny said...

Wow. Insightful information. I would have taken you to be into the Twilight craze. I DO remember you being the FIRST person to tell me about the book. I agree on the neighbor gifts. That's in my "Top 10 dislikes about Utah".

Toots said...

I like this post because it's always fun to learn about people even when you think you know them really well!
I am with you on the whole Twilight craze...still haven't seen the movie yet and not sure I will. Loooove the sunlight coming in the windows! I always think of you if ever I pick up an icecream sandwich...not my fav either, and it's good to hear you don't mind if a stranger touches your belly..I know I can't help it! :)

johansen viking said...

I love learning about you...keep them comin!
1st thing I do in the the blinds! Welcome sun!!
How that little one of yours..and the other 3. :)

J + A Humphreys said...

Ooooo, leg warmers. I think I could be into that. I could totally do a pickle at the movies. It would have to be a Klaussen one though - refrigerated and crunchy. I think I would have to have some string cheese and a diet coke with it too. Let's go to New Moon with a jar a pickles... :)