Sunday, May 9, 2010


God knew I needed her the day I was born. Wrapped up in her arms. He knew I needed her on my first day of school, wearing my red corduroy jump suit, setting off to independence. He knew I needed her on all those days of doctor appointments, surgeries, and solutions. He knew I needed her when I when I got asked to prom and needed a shopping companion to pick out my dress. God knew I needed her when I moved away to college and missed my everything... everyday. He knew I needed her enthusiasm when I would call home and tell her all about how much I was loving college, just like she did. God knew I needed her when Hayden was born and I found motherhood, and then again with Emma. He knew I needed her to be excited for me when I said we wanted another one, and he knew I needed her when Maggie finally arrived. God knew that I needed my mom. From the very beginning. Just like she needed her mother, and before her my Grandma needed her's. And so it goes, and so it is. Still. As time began, daughter's need their mothers...and mother's need their daughters. Still.


Rich and Tyra said...

How sweet! That gave me goosebumps!

Toots said...

A fantastic post. I had no internet connection for a few days, so it was hard not to get on and check your blog. I am glad you did a tribute to Mom for MOther's Day. That was beautiful!
I loved being with you on Mother's Day too. The pic I took of you and Maggie is so pretty.

BusyB said...

I agree! What a great post!