Friday, September 3, 2010

hello September.

Fantastic pic taken by Ladd Darley. It is of Kory and Boyd in Yellowstone.

I think I love September the most. It is the month I fell in love with my hubs, 14 years ago, on the most beautiful campus in the world at Utah State University. It is the month that is still Summer, but almost Fall. It is new clothes for school, and corn on the cob. It is Peach Days, and some of my favorite birthday's. It has one holiday, that requires no gift giving. It is filled with fantastic photography light, just before the sun heads down for a little sleep. It is by far my favorite month. So my September, here is to you, the next 27 great days. I hope you don't let me down.


Toots said...

Beautifully said, Aim! It made me rethink how i view September now. I love it! What a gorgeous pic from Ladd too.

Abbie said...

I feel the same. September is my favorite month. I love Fall so much. Got a big hankerin' for a fall hike and the need to wear a hoodie. :)