Wednesday, July 13, 2011

San Diego! I love you!

Such a fun family trip to San Diego! We loved being with Jut and Abs and the boys. There are a few times as a mother that you just sit back and watch your kids having the time of their life...and watching Hayden and Emma in the ocean for the first time ever was one of those moments. Hayden's laugh the first time he caught a wave on the boogie board is forever etched in my mind. Emma running around the beach catching tiny sand crabs, and Maggie running from the waves...these are the things I will remember from our trip to San Diego. Thank you to Justin and Abbie for sharing their CA life with us!! They were such good hosts and made us feel so welcome.


Toots said...

What a great family picture by the beach. I love the one of Emma flying in the air ready to go boogie boarding. It's crazy to think your kids saw the beach for the first time and James, Drew and Will see it nearly everyday!
Going to SD sounds like so much fun. I always think that if Jut and Abs are going to live so far away---they might as well have something cool to keep them happy---THE BEACH!

Fatima Humphreys said...

I didn't know you when to San Diego, Wow. How fun! We want to go too!! Maybe next summer! I love your family pictures.

Abbie said...

I love all the pics....gotta get mine posted! So so SO sooo glad you came!!