Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the suprise.

The bishop kissing Nola!
Best Friends for 40 years, Alvera and Nola.

All my helping hands.

Nola, glowing.

Shauntae and Nola.

I think that possibly one of the most exciting things you can do for someone is the unexpected. The big unexpected is even MORE fun. Late in the day on Monday I found out that my cute friend Nola had been neglected on her 90th birthday. Nobody had made her a cake, and there were no candles for her to blow out. 90 years!!! Of course when I heard this I told my friend Alvera, her BFF, to have her at my house at 6pm and I WOULD have a house of PeOPLE, CAKE, and a PARTY!!! Luckily the house was clean, so all I needed to do was run and go get a cake and some balloons. I called three people, and they called ...and then they called...and then they called. I had people volunteering to bring things, and the urgency of the party and making Nola feel special made all of us work together so well. I told the lady at the cake counter at Kent's the story of Nola and how she had been forgotten, and when I went to get the cake a few minutes later (she put her name on the cake), the price was slashed in half. The unexpected. The tiny unexpected. I felt a rush of just pure happiness and true love for this cute lady. At 6pm the cars started to fill our driveway and by 5 after 6 we had a room packed with people. Alvera arrived with Nola just minutes later. Her expression was priceless as we all said "SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" I pulled a warm chocolate cake out of the oven (the only way she likes it), and gave her a big piece. Everyone brought cards and made her feel so loved. THANK you to ALL my friends who helped me in this small cause. I am so lucky to have each of you!


MorrisFamilyMemories said...

What a wonderful surprise! You have a heart of gold! You are such a blessing to everyone that knows you! Thanks for being such an amazing example to all of us!

J + A Humphreys said...

Oh, that is just awesome. Might have given me one tear. :) She looks like the sweetest lady. I love the one of her eating her cake on the couch all smiles. That's why you're the best...you know what's important and you DO it. Love ya!

johansen viking said...

Oh...I hope I can be there for someone like that! You are awesome..wish I was a part of that brilliant and loving experience!

H. said...

Oh how I wish I could've been there! This is spectacular! I had the opportunity to sit and chat with those two remarkable women for a couple hours last Saturday and I simple adore them so much. GOOD WORK AMY! I love you woman that is so wonderful of you! I hope you know I would've been your right-hand man if only I was in the BC! Thank you for taking care of them when I'm an absentee. :)

Marc and Jenny said...

I wish I coulda been there! I'm so glad it turned out well and ya'll were so thoughtful. 90 is a big one and deserves to be recognized!

Toots said...

I've been wanting to see these pictures and read this post since you told me about it...such a great thing you did! I love it! To really think back on that night and how amazing it turned out with so many who came...it is the best. I love what you said about the "unexpected" things. You are right! Nola will not soon forget this day. Way to go, Aim!