Monday, October 10, 2011

writing, writing, writing

I am writing each and every night after the kids go to bed, and I love it! I feel like there really is a story in me, and I just need to make sure that I am telling it with enough interest and fun dialog to capture the attention of the reader. I am hoping to be done by Christmas. Go! Go! Go! Is all I think about!
 In other news, Emma is now in the gifted and talented program in Box Elder! YEAH!!!! She really needs this. She absorbs information in such a different way, and is a perfectionist with what she does. I am thrilled that she will get this valuable education. I took her this morning and dropped her off at the school where they have the program and the teacher was so enthusiastic. Today will be a good day!


Toots said...

Keep going, Aim! You are born to be a writer! I can't wait to read White Bees one day.
This is so cool about Emma being in the gifted and talented program! Does she like it better than regular school classes on the other days?
I hope today was a good day for you

Urthman said...

Amy -- I suspect that all your kids will be gifted and talented.

Kenton and Haylee said...

Amy, that is awesome about Emma. I too think all of your beautiful kids are going to be gifted and talented! Look at their mom!! And dad...;)