Thursday, October 20, 2011

a day with mom

The kids and I spend a day with my mom yesterday and had the best time. We went to "This is the Place" park, then to a lovely and so yummy restaurant called Oasis, and then to the kids favorite park in SLC, Memory Grove Park. We walked up the long trail next to the creek and looked and the leaves that had changed color, and wow, it all took our breath away. The kids each got cookies as big as Frisbee's at the restaurant, and ate them as we all walked along the trail. I loved the whole day!

On the way there I got pulled over by the highway patrol for going faster than the 65 mile speed limit. I always feel like I wanna cry when I get in trouble like that. Dang it! But he was so nice, and just said to slow down and be careful. WHEW! I have never gotten out of a ticket. Maybe it helped that my mom was with me. She made the day so fun, and I am always grateful to have her nearby to go on adventures with me and the kids.

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Toots said...

Lucky for you to go do such fun things with Mom. Did your kids get out of school on Wed. for fall break?