Sunday, March 18, 2012

royal weekend.

Kory and I spent the weekend in SLC (thanks MA!) celebrating 15 years of marriage. We decided to stay at the Grand America Hotel, the only 5 star hotel in Utah. We felt like royalty! What a truly amazing place to stay. We enjoyed eating out, sleeping in, and talking. Marriage for us has been like a tree. When it was first new, it seemed that some days if the wind blew just right that the roots would just come right up and that would be that. But, just like with a tree, the longer it is planted, the stronger it grows. Each year we are together is a year that I learn more about him, and he about me. I have decided there are just a few simple things that make a marriage really good:

1- Make time each Friday night for Date Night (it is nice we have a built in babysitter now)
2- Have at one least one thing in common (we LOVE football... LOVE it - we also love the outdoors, riding the horses, eating out, the fair (ahhh the fair), and working on projects in the yard)
3- Recognize that neither you or your spouse is perfect, and that marriage is work (and sometimes this is painful work)
4- Center your life on God
5- Remember all the reasons you fell in love -- often.

Here is to another 15. :)


Kenton and Haylee said...

Congrats on 15 years!! You and Cory are perfect together. Love you!!

Heidi said...

Happy anniversary and congrats on 15 years!! Someday Seth and I want to stay at the Grand America for a big anniversary. Thanks for sharing your great tips to help us get there a little more easily :)