Monday, May 25, 2009

american cowboy icon

Happy Birthday to my husband!

Here is our list of things we like best about you:

From Jeannie:

1. Kory gives wonderful prayers. I still remember the blessing he gave to Hayden as a baby. It struck me as so powerful at the time and has stayed with me.

2. Kory has made me realize that I like a lot of things I never would have thought I could! Like elk! Oh my GOSH that was so yummy!

3. Kory has confidence in his kids being able to do hard things. I was so impressed when the whole clan hiked to White Pine last year.

4. He loves dogs : )

5. He is a genuine horse whisperer. I remember getting to ride someone's horses over in Huntsville one year. They were pretty skittish. I thought I could coax one to calm down. Nope. But Kory walked over and put his hand on its face and pretty soon that horse was his best friend. Calm as a spring morning. It was awesome to see!

From Fati:

6-I remember when Todd, Kory, Amy and I rode horses a long time ago. And he rode his horse and went forward with his rope to catch one calf that was in the neighbors lot. I was so surprise that things like that were not only from movies. He is my very American Cowboy Icon.

7. He made a good use of this last name.

8. He is a man of action

From Todd:

8.I like all of Kory's witty remarks at family gatherings. He has a way of making the absurd seem, well, absurd, as it should seem.

9. I also appreciate what a good father he is for my favorite oldest nephew and my favorite second-oldest niece. They adore him and that says a lot about what a good father he is.

From Toots:

10. He KNOWS a lot about cooking goooood food and can cook up a mighty fine elk dinner (like the one we had at Flaming Gorge)

11. He can pack up camping gear, tent, food and all and have it ready, organized and set-to-go (in the case when just Amy and kids came to Tony Grove that summer)

12. He loves the outdoors and so do we!!!

13. He's a good Dad to two wonderful kids whom we love to be around.

14.He's got a great laugh!!! and never causes any contention

15. He has shared his yummy fish catch with us a time or two (from his Alaskan adventures)

From his favorite Wife:

16. He has a deep respect for his ancestors.

17. He can work the wranglers.

18. His smile. Still gets me every time.

19. He is a great teacher.

20. He is a wonderful father and husband, and makes time with us his number one top priority. XOXO
Wait there's more!!
From Abs:
Kory is a master craftsman. I love to see the latest improvements and newest builds when we come to visit. He built a great garden box and I love the easel he made for Amy. Kory is great with my kids. He always takes special notice of them and wants to give them high fives and show them things. James thinks he’s the best and loves to follow him all over the place ‘helping’ him do his work. Kory helped me several times with Drew in Flaming Gorge and I appreciated it so much. Drew was happy as could be going for a walk with Kory and playing with his mustache. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Kory with a gun if I were an animal. He’s made some pretty great kills over the years and we all love it when he shares his catches and shows off his cooking skills. I remember going to a barn dance a few years back and being impressed by Kory’s mad country dancin’ skillz. Kory is tough on the outside, soft on the inside…like a hand-dipped ice cream cone. He has a deep love for Amy and a sweet love for Hayden and Emma.

Happy 35 years!!!!!

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Ladd said...

Happy B-Day.....Thanks for the help tonight with the horses!