Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what about your mind? does it shine on?

She has a crush. My six year old. He has asked her to the prom. 11 years from now. He has red hair and freckles, and is indeed...very cute. She has ideas. She has a plan. She has a crush.

So, big deal, I say. Everyone needs a first crush.

When I was young, my crush delivered pizza, and we used to play the lottery by ordering a pizza and hoping it would be him that delivered. It was....electrifying. To have the crush within talking distance. We hid in the stairwell, while my friends mom would pay for the pizza. Rewind. Fast forward. That crush moved on, and I grew up. The pizza place...well it remains.

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Toots said...

Yep, Aim, everyone needs a first crush, it is true. You know mine was Dave Hadley--funny to hear Emma has one though...at 6?! I guess all boys don't have "cooties" anymore. :)