Sunday, August 16, 2009

A random pic

This is pretty much my kids favorite pose for pics. I have been a blog slacker lately. I am not sure why, but probably because I have no interesting random thoughts to share.


Toots said...

Ahhhh, cute kids...any way they make a face..Emma fits right into the new style you know? I see all the young girls in the ads now with those head band things...not sure I'll have Karina sportin' 'em though...good to see a new post, Aim! Do you have any fun pics of the family trip?

J + A Humphreys said...

hahaha! I love this picture. Just classic, right? Still exhausted? I'm sure it's hard to have interesting random thoughts when your mind is consumed with something else...or the fact that you probably just want to take a nap. :)