Friday, July 31, 2009

The 15 cent bum.

The other day I took the kids to SLC with me to do a photo shoot, and after we had lunch we went to the Gateway to run through the fountains. On the way there Emma saw her first bum up close. No, not the naked kind, although there were plenty of cracks showing at the fountain. The kind that sit on the corner of JCrew looking very sad holding up their cardboard signs. Emma, who often surprises me, kept talking about said bum for the next hour. Finally she told me that she wanted to give the bum some of her money that she brought with her. I said Emma are you going to give him a dollar? "No." Fifty cents? "No Mom." A quarter? "Nope, I am going to give him a dime and a nickel!". It was so sweet and sincere. Hayden was laughing, but I thought it was so cute. When she dropped the money into the bucket, her's was the only in there. She was pretty pleased with herself, and talked all the way home about what he would spend that 15 cents on. She determined that he would buy cat foot to feed his cat who also sat on that lonely corner by the cardboard sign. So eat up cat, here is one meal on Emma!

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Toots said...

Way to go, Emma, for having a big heart to go with your small change!