Saturday, October 10, 2009

big foot is real and other things I believe.

So what if I believe??

  1. Big Foot is real. Joe Sako and I spent over 12 minutes researching this. There have been several sightings in northern Utah. One even at Barker fish farm. That is enough for me. Also, they have a strong odor. What hairy beast that has lived thousands of years wouldn't???

  2. Pennies are lucky. Emma and I collect each one we find, Lincoln up or down, and throw it on our path of good luck. Which by the way is veerrrry lucky. One day that path will be lined with lucky pennies that nobody wanted but us.

  3. There are two kinds of head colds in this world: A man cold and a woman cold. That is all I want to say about that. I just hope I never get the man head cold.
  4. Sting never washes his hair. I actually know this. I read it on E!
  5. If you get two stars on the Tootsie Pop it means NOTHING! Don't try and turn it in at
    King's for a free anything. It won't happen. I have tried this. Twice.
  6. Love at first sight is very real when you are talking about anything made with chocolate.
  7. If you lift your feet, touch a screw, close your eyes and drive over rail road tracks while making a wish of your heart, it won't come true. Also, wishing on stars is marginal. Once when I was seven, and living in a home without sugar, I asked repeatedly for a bag of Jet-Puff marshmallows while wishing on the north star. It never happened. However, I have some in my pantry right now. Bag opened, getting nice and stale. YUM!
  8. Numbers are lucky. I have a lucky number. It is not seven.


johansen viking said...

I Love these "amy is thinking about..." blogs. I do have to say that number 6 makes me want to get some more chocolate.
You grew up in a house with no sugar? Oh, that is so healthy. I wish I could do that. Sometimes.

Rich and Tyra said...

You make me smile!

Toots said...

I laughed when you wrote about the Tootsie Pop with the star in it and no treat from Kings! Ha ha...I always believed that was true as a get a treat. And the no-sugar thing about growing up...funny too. Well, it wasn't all that bad now that I look at it. And what's this? Sting doesn't wash his hair? Ughhhg...I still like him though...
Oh and I have sometimes wondered about Big Foot...Yes, I believe Man Colds are MUCH worse than woman colds...don't wanna get one either. Keep looking for those pennies, Emma! This was a fun post, Aim.:)

Abbie said...

I totally used to do the touch a screw and make a wish over the train tracks in my big Blazer beast - me and Tays. ) Love Kings, love chocolate, love Sting, heard a freakin' scary story about Big Foot and had nightmares for weeks in high school, my lucky number is 7 (was my soccer number) and I'm ordering jet-puffed marshmallows from Costco and sending them too you so you'll never run out. :) LY!