Friday, June 4, 2010

last day.

Today was the last day of school for the two older kids. Emma pleaded with me to allow her to wear her scrubby pants (you know, pants with holes in them) to school. I caved. I figured, hey, it is the last day! Today, kids should be able to break a few rules. Wear pants with holes in them. Talk without being called on! Go to the bathroom without a hall pass!!! Go crazy and get a drink without asking!!! Grades are in. School is out. Let summer begin.


Brody and Ashley said...

Aw, yes- the reminiscence!

Rupper Family said...

Do you kids have pants that don't have holes in them!? I think my kids have worn through at least one knee on each and every pair of jeans and I refuse to buy more, it's shorts season already!

Toots said...

Let summer begin!! It is here. It was fun to hear Hayden talk all about his last day when he came up to the campsite on Friday afternoon. He was so excited!
Love the hole in the pants and Emma. Pick your battles...sometimes the kids win.