Saturday, June 5, 2010

time does not wait for happy.

You can't wait for happy to show up. Happy is. You can't steal someone else's happy, or borrow a half a cup of happy to get you by. Happy comes from being. You either are or you aren't. Ask a happy person to pinpoint the best day of their life, and be prepared for a list of days. The reason is simple. They know how to approach a day, and find good things even on the rainiest days. Today, for no reason, I just am happy. In our house, happiness is passing gas if you are the baby. Or getting to hug your crush during a play because the scene calls for it. Happiness is shooting the last basket of your fourth grade year on the court at the elementary...and having it go in. It is taking a spring hike with your friends and getting outdoors. Happiness is taking your fear and jumping. Happiness is fat. It grows if you feed it. It is co-dependent and social. Happiness is quiet and calm, loud and crazy. Happy can be bought in the form of fantastic mascara, or amazing shoes. It can be found on vacations, and morning runs, kitchens, and back porches. It is in the eyes and felt in the toes. Happy is now. :)

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Toots said...

Emma screams happy to me, Aim! She usually is! This was a great post. I love your writing. I always want to keep reading more. Seriously. It makes me feel so happy that you often feel happy too. You're a good example that way. What a fun pic of Emma with her friend.