Sunday, June 13, 2010

chasing light.

I am not sure how they do it in Alaska. Going without light for so much of the day, for so much of the year. This winter has gone on forever here, and each day all of us look at the forecast to see if there will be light through the clouds. Most of the Spring has been gray. Undeniably gray.

Light makes the photo. It is what turns the colors on and makes a face glow with radiance. Light reflected just right can eliminate shadows, and brighten the eyes. The best light, as any photographer knows, is the first light in the morning and the last light of the evening. I once read up on tips from a famous photographer, who will only shoot portraits the last half hour before the sun goes down. When I put this advice into practice I see some of the most amazing pictures develop. Darkness chasing light. Those last minutes of light hanging on before the night is filled with stars. Soon the sky is filled with smoky gray, and the light is chased out of the night. However, each morning, light wins again and re-appears along the east chasing darkness out of the early signs of day.
*Thank you to my friend Andrea for allowing me to take these bridals of her.


Toots said...

Wow, what a beautiful bride.
I just love the natural sunlight coming in behind her and all the lush green around. It really complements her white wedding dress so well. These are fabulous, Aim. Getting just the right lighting is hard, and you did it.

Rich and Tyra said...

So beautiful!!! I love these pics.

Jessica said...

Love Love those pictures Amy. She is a beautiful bride but your talent brought her up to the next level!!