Monday, October 18, 2010

26.2 miles, and a girls trip!

We had SO much fun in St. George cheering on my brother as he ran his FIRST marathon! He did amazing! Coming in at around 3:40. It was a rush to see him and all the other runners pass us near the end of the race. I nearly cried on several occasions. The blind man running, the first woman to cross, and of course my brother... all got me emotional. We had a great time shopping and eating afterward, and hearing Toots' good news!! She is preggers with lucky #5! The best part was meeting baby Will. He is soooo sweet. There is nothin like meeting a new baby for the first time. :)


J + A Humphreys said...

Love all those pics!! Will you Shutterfly them to me? That backdrop really was so beautiful. Could have done without the burprag in that one shot. haha! Oh well. So glad you guys came down!

Toots said...

Oh wow, I agree with Abs---what a backdrop we had! That is so sweet of you and Maggie! I really like that pic of all the girls together...that turned out great and even for how yucky I felt. Thanks for the fun post, Aim.
What a great trip. I was thrilled to see Jut at the finish. I am so proud of my bro!