Wednesday, November 17, 2010

arrow of light.

Hayden got his Arrow of Light tonight. We were all so proud of him. The guys doing the little ceremony made it so cool for Hayden and Bret. Hayden had to pin an award on me, and luckily my friend captured the extremely embarrasing hug and KISS Hayden had to give me. He is one great kid, so happy and proud of him.


Rich and Tyra said...

Congrats Hayden!!!

Toots said...

Wow, way-to-go- Hayden! That is a big deal to get the Arrow of Light award. I am REALLY proud of you!!!
You're such a great example to Seth.
What embarressing hug, Aim? It's all good. :)

Abbie said...

Hayden is so handsome. How did he get so big?! Next year he'll be passing the sacrament. That almost gives me one tear! He is such a good dude.