Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hayden and I were VERY lucky to get tickets the the Jazz game a few weeks ago. My friend Joe Sako and his wife gave us the best seats EVER!!! 13th row!! We took some good advice from my boss, Joe, and arrived there early enough to meet a few of the players. Even Coach Sloan! He was my favorite. Just like you would expect him to be, slightly crusty, funny, and great with the kids. Hayden told me, "This is the best day of my life mom." We had such a good time, and Hayden loved each and every minute of it. We worked hard on our dancing moves and made it on the JumboTron, kind of a little dream of mine. After the winning game was over with we headed back to Ogden via frontrunner. AKA the Victory Train! Hayden was a trouper and kept me awake on the drive from the station to home by repeating each and every amazing play of the game. Thanks SAKOS!!!


Toots said...

Great picture of you guys, Aim!
What a gun night out. Hayden must have felt on top of the world.

Abbie said...

Yes - great pic! Ah Hayden, I love that he loves the Jazz so much. Wish we could have come with you guys! So glad you had a GREAT night.

Heidi said...

What an awesome little mommy-son date night! How fun!! And I am EXTREMELY proud of you for getting on the jumbo tron!