Thursday, March 10, 2011

one day.

One day I would like to have someone throw a party. Just for me. One day I would like to be pampered from head to toe. And then taken shopping in a limo. Just because. One day I would like to fly to the moon. And back again. On my lunch break. One day I would like to wish on a star from Greece or throw a penny in a lucky pool in Rome. One day I would like to let all my cares go down the drain, and plant flowers all day long. One day I would like my kitchen to stay clean, my bed to stay made, and my hair to stay in place. But today. I will not think about one day. Only today.


Toots said...

Me too, me too, me too, Aim!!!
Don't we all wish for those things. I think right now I'd be happy just to have my kitchen clean for a whole day. :)

Heidi said...

All those things sound absolutely wonderful! Except the planting flowers all day long. I would love the finished product, but I think a whole day of it wouldn't be super fun. But that's just me wanting to be lazy :)

Alicia said...

Hi Amy, I really like your blog. I like the talent that you have to write. I didn't know you have a blog,..but I was reading in Fati's blog and I saw your name in the followers..Again, I love it!! :):)...I hope one day I can create a blog as wonderful as yours.