Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the everyday marathoner

I am still A M A Z E D by the runners the kids and I watched cross the finish line in Logan on Sat. There were grunters, yellers, faces that were bunched up super tight so that they didn't cry in front of the screaming crowd, fellas that got leg cramps the last few yards, and lots and lots of average, ordinary people. Now, my friend Aubrey is a runner, and not ordinary or average. She ran the marathon in 3 hours and 20 min (um ya), and is in phenomenal shape. That aside, I have to tell you, there were only two pair of legs that I really envied. A marathon runner does not fit into a certain physique like a swimmer or basketball player, or football player is, and that my friends is what is so great about the marathon runner. They are the clerk at your local grocer, they are the PTA president, they are the crazy grandma that lives up the street, the mom that just had a baby (yup!), the guy who wants to drop a few pounds, the sisters who are competitive. Marathoners are a glimpse of a can-do-attitude more than a ripped out bod. Can I have both please?

This year, my 35th, I have decided to finally start exercising. So far I have run in five 5Ks, with a PR of 27.06, and one 10K. My goal for May is a Half Marathon...and I am SOO excited!

At the end of the day the real reason why I run is simple. It makes me feel better, my heart my heart my heart, and of course, skirt confidence!

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Humphreys Fam said...

Amen, sista, amen! I know, I love that about running too. You don't have to be someone special, just have lots of determination. Doesn't hurt to end up with a nice pair of legs either. :)