Thursday, September 25, 2008

shiny legs and other life skills

Me, Caitlin, and Ashley. A few of my favorite grasshoppers.

A few months ago I taught a group of young women about the trials of life, how to face them, how to plow through them with grace, and why they make us better, stronger people. I was intrigued at how well I was getting through to one girl in particular. She was so involved with my words. I thought to myself, "nice work Amy, nice work". I felt like for once that I had hit a chord with these young grasshoppers. I shared a piece of my life, and they would benefit. I closed my lesson and opened the discussion up to the girls. Four or maybe five seconds passed, and then the girl who was so involved in my lesson raised her hand and said these words..."Sister Wilde, how do you get your legs so shiny?"

That my friends is where one lesson officially ended, and another began. So, I taught them the ways of hard work and skill to gain a sheen and shimmer on their legs. It is not as easy as one might think, but the end result is very worth it.


3 or 4 blade razor, spend a little money and get a nice one
shaving gel
pumice stone
body butter
Dove soap

Step 1:
Soap legs with Dove soap

Step 2: GENTLY scrub legs with pumice stone. I can tell you from a bad experience that you do not want to scrub too hard or for too long in one me on this one.

Step 3: Rinse

Step 4: Lather shave gel

Step 5: Shave, and then shave again

Step 6: dry them legs off and spread on some body butter ( I looove The Body Shop for this stuff)

Step 7: Throw on a skirt and shine shine shine!!!


Humphreys Fam said...

Isn't that the life in YW? That happens to me all the time in my lessons - 12 year old minds are very interesting. On a shiny note...holy cow. What a process! Justin is lucky if I shave for more than just Sunday. hahaha! I do agree with the 3-4 blade razor though. The shave lasts so much longer.

Anonymous said...

thats awesome!! sorry about the blogger police! thats no fun!! oh! and i tagged you on my blog!..