Friday, December 19, 2008

bring it

me, sue, erin, val, jen look how strong my arms look.
jen thinks about something delicious.

val and erin. happy b day erin!

val and i had a friendly arm wrestle chili's, and i totally beat her. it was...pretty much the best day of my life. i have never ever beat anyone except emma in an arm wrestle. 2009 will be intense because there will be a rematch...and high stakes. so bring it val. bring it.


Val and Tav said...

HA!!! I cannot believe you are bragging about this... in 09 you are going down baby!!! Emma too! haha! That was a fun day. Love you

Brian and Jen said...

doesn't get better than arm wrestling, aaa spicy eggwohls, val singing opretic happy birthday, cherry cokes, and delicious bacon chocolate!