Sunday, December 7, 2008

that one moment

Every year I have one moment when I catch the Christmas Spirit. When I finally can't wait for it to come. When I think how exciting it will be to give the gifts I have been hiding. When I think of the special birthday that we are celebrating...and think of his hands outstretched to me.

The moment usually happens on my way home from work while I am listening to Christmas music. The moment hit me on Thursday on my drive home, and I could hardly contain myself. Saturday we made our yearly trek to get a REAL Christmas tree at one of the fruit stands in Brigham. The tree smells SO good, and is super tall and for sure a Charlie Brown tree. I am especially grateful because we just found out that all my brothers and sisters will be coming home for Christmas. This just adds to my already good mood.

When the feeling finally comes I want it to last all year. Sigh...sugar cookies anyone?


Abbie + Justin said...

Sugar cookies?? Yes! Any cookies?? Yes! "We'll be home for Christmas...." Seriously can't wait. I love when we can all be together. We haven't gotten a Christmas tree since we lived in point really since we're never at our own house. Can't wait to see your decor this year. I always know that my 'fun tank' will get a nice refill when we come and that makes me happy. We told lots of people in the ward that we were moving today. Even though we didn't love it, it is still hard to tell a few people goodbye. Change is hard, but we know it will be good.

Toots said...

ALLLLLRight, Aim! You've captured the Christmas spirit in "that one moment." :) And now, with the snow softly falling this morning, you probably have that feeling again. :) At least, I do! I am excited to have our family all together again too. Yeah! I bet your tree smells good.

Toots said...

Oh, and the spot about Oprah made me laugh with what you said. :)
I wonder why you didn't come with us to Lake Powell that one year?? I can't remember.

Toots said...

Hmmm..I don't know why my last comment didn't make the big screen, Aim. What I had said was that I am so glad to hear you say you are so happy with your life so often! :) And I can't help but dance to ABBA everytime I hear it too. Julia and i were in the van the other day and she said, "Mom, put in Mama-Mia!" I thought, that's my girl! Never had a beer either, but I did accidentally drink something nasty at the Pettingill party once that Uncle Kenneth had brought...I'll never forget that. Let me know how the gala goes tomorrow if you go to Gram's care center. :)