Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i've never

  1. won anything from the 'claw' game that is inside grocery stores and malls... that looks so so so easy and as it turns out was built by really mean people to make small children cry
  2. worked with nicer people
  3. been to visit my gram in her new place...however there is a Gala this friday...
  4. had a better corn dog than at the fair
  5. been to lake powell
  6. gone skydiving (but i wanna!)
  7. been so happy
  8. had a beer
  9. listened to ABBA without dancing
  10. wanted to go to the beach more than right this second
  11. snowboarded
  12. let my kids go to bed without a kiss
  13. strayed from name brand cereal since I moved out of the humphrey's home stead
  14. played the wii
  15. eaten potato salad at a work potluck


Abbie + Justin said...

I actually HAVE won something from the 'claw' game! I think I was about 10 and felt like I had conquered the world. I proudly displayed my UGLY stuffed something or other on my bookshelf for way too long. Ummm, corndogs. Hotdog on a Stick has the best corndogs too. Party at our house anytime! Well, our soon to be Cali house. I am getting so excited. We are going to live close to one of our favorite beaches. Seriously, I want the whole fam-damily to come down next summer. :) Totally get you on the potato salad - I only eat the one I make. Can't wait to see you guys soon.

Abbie + Justin said...

Oh ya, LOVE the pic at the top!! So pretty.

Toots said...

Aim, One thing about it..I am glad you're so happy with your life! It is nice to hear you say that often. I liked this list. Ya, even when I have ABBA playing in the minivan, I still have to MOVE it and do some shoulder dancing. Julia said the other day, "Mom, put in Mama-Mia!" I was like--that's my girl! If you go to the Gala tomorrow night at Gram's care center, let me know how it goes. :)