Monday, February 2, 2009

faith baby.

It seems today that faith is what keeps me going. Faith that my friend Jen will find a new job, or start that business and make her dreams come true. Faith that the kid in my art class last week will one day not be scared to put pencil to paper and draw. Faith that I can be as good a friend to those who are good to me, and faith that if they are in need that I can listen and know, and help. Faith that I will become a better wife each day. More understanding and less critical. Faith that this economy will turn before we all lose our jobs. Faith that God has a plan for my friend Eileen who he is taking all too soon, and faith that her kids will remember that she put Him first, and even in her pain and weakness worshiped him....each Sunday. Her daughter holding her head up high in her extreme fatigue. Faith that my daughter will always believe she is beautiful. But not too beautiful. Faith that my son will grow tall and strong. Faith that my friend Denise will be rid of this ugly cancer once and for all, and that her hair will grow back unharmed, because we women...we love our hair.
Faith that my friends new baby boy, born with Down's Syndrome, will influence and bless and be an example of pure love. Faith that one day Jut and Abs can be back in Utah so that we can see their kids grow up and love and kiss them all we want. Faith that Kaylee and Jason will be able to adopt a baby this year. Faith that my legs will carry me 13.1 miles this Spring, through the valley of Ogden and past the street where I work.
Faith in love. Faith in gravity. Faith in happiness.
Mmmm mmm mmm and on and on and on it goes.
Faith in laughing. Faith in friendship. Faith in me. Faith in you. Faith in the future. Faith in now.


Kaylee said...

I miss you!!! Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if my faith will carry me through. It's nice knowing we have wonderful friends who have faith that everything will work out fine.

Abbie + Justin said...

Ah Geez, Aims. Gonna make me cry. Thanks for thinking of us and hoping we can all be there together someday. We will, I know it...just not right now, but soon. :) We had a good part in our lesson on Sunday about being sure that we make our faith have action. We do that, do our best, and the rest is in His hands. I know all those people you wrote about are glad to have you as part of their lives...I know I am.

Sam said...

Thanks for the faith Amy for Bos. . . glad someone has it out there. btw, we had a meeting about our relay coming up in June that my brothers dragged me into, my leg is 17 miles . . . argh not really sure why I commited to this yet

Toots said...

Gooooood words from a good sister. There are so many in your life, it seems, who are going through very difficult times. I think about them often and have hope for them. Pres. Uchtdorf talks about having hope. Faith takes so much courage to have and to hold onto. You are a very special person to all those friends and family you mentioned.

Marc and Jenny said...
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Marc and Jenny said...

Amy, you are amazing!! You always have something uplifting to share. :) Thank you.