Thursday, February 26, 2009


Happy Birthday to my favorite younger sister!!! Anyone who knows Toots aka Tami, knows that out of all of us siblings she is the most thoughtful. She is a wonderful mother of four of the cutest kids ever, and a wife to one of the nicest guys in the whole world. When Toots and I were kids we shared a room together and sometimes if she couldn't sleep I would make up a story for her. She loved gum, ABC or otherwise, so I remember I made up a story of how she took a long slippery slide into a huge empty swimming pool filled with hubba bubba. She loved that story. Toots never brags. She instead is the best listener and really truly remembers details of the lives of other. Even some of my friends who she has never met, she finds great interest in reading their blogs and understanding the trials they are going through. She is a walking Rolodex and remembers names of people from my graduating class better than me!!! We always count on Toots for helping us remember names. My favorite memory of Toots is when she was working at Jackson Lake Lodge and Bobbi Jo and I decided to surprise her and go for a road trip (from Logan) and go visit her. We went into the restaurant where she was working and sat at the bar. A few minutes went by, and Bobbi and I kept pretty quiet...then I said, "TOOTS!!!", and she turned around and started crying and laughing at the same time. That was a pretty cool day. She has been there for me for some pretty low and high times in my life, and I consider her a sister and a greatest friend. So Toots, I hope your birthday is as perfect as you are!
Love you! Amouse


Rich and Tyra said...

What a sweet post to your sister! I have only talked to her a little but she is super sweet! I hope she has a Happy Birthday!

Abbie + Justin said...

Good post, Aim! I agree completely with all that you said about Toots. I love hearing stories of when you guysers were little. Good pic too! Happy Honkin' Birthday, Toots!

Toots said...

I sure like that pic of me. I don't look one bit tired even though I know Isaac was getting me up 5 times a night :)
Anyhow, THANK YOU so much for writing the greatest tribute to me on my birthday. Wow. I read it out loud to everyone just now and couldn't finish the rest because I started to cry. That really meant a lot to me, Aim.
You have such a great memory when it comes to our childhood. I loved the story of the Hubba Bubba! I always LOVED gum, you are right!
What a great sister you are right back! Thanks so much for the amazing post full of compliments. I love it and Mike loved it too.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Toots!!

I've been able to talk to your sweet sister a couple of times and she really lives up to all those wonderful things you said about her. I rember when I first met her I was so confused because everyone called her "Toots." I was wondering what her real name was and what I had missed. Ha Ha! Anyway hope she had a great a birthday!