Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the face of cancer.

Today my good friends Shauntae and Julie went with me to deliver a gift for our friend Eileen who is in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. She loved the frame, and pics from our photo shoot on Saturday. I just want to tell Cancer to go away and leave her alone. I think Cancer likes Eileen as much as we do. Sadly, Cancer is winning.
To view more of the pics from Saturdays photo shoot go to my photo blog.


Rupper Family said...

Can we deduct 50 points from cancer and sing a song w/ props to beat it, then get a donut with sprinkles to top it off? :) Thanks for coming tonight, aren't the YW fun!?!

I love the frame you did for your pictures, you are so thoughtful!

Abbie + Justin said...

That frame is beautiful. I think it went perfectly with the colors in the pictures. I know the whole family loved it and will cherish it forever. Nice work, Aims.

Toots said...

Oh, I hate that cancer takes the best out of people--especially those we care about most. The frame and pictures look so good together. It is so nice to have such a great collection of family photos for her family. How very, very thoughtful of you.

Rich and Tyra said...

That is such an awesome gift!!! How thoughtful of you! I am sure it will be a very cherished gift!!! I wish Misha's magic wands she is always waving around at our house were real and we could wave it at Eileen and make her cancer go away!

shauntae said...

Thanks Aim for the chance to be a part. Please keep me updated while I am gone. I'll see you next week.