Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a prison and three princesses.

Ahhh San Fran, you can have my heart! Thank you for the sun. Thank you for the waves. Thank you for the sand. Thank you for the crab right out of the sea.

We had an amazing time with Todd, Fati, and Ramon, and Fati's sisters too! They are gorgeous girls, and so very very nice. I loved getting to know them better. Fati had an agenda that would have schooled most any tour guide, complete with places to park and sights only the locals know about. Todd and Fati live on a little piece of paradise in Half Moon Bay. A two minute walk from some of the most gorgeous waves you will ever see. The sand is perfect, and all day Sunday we sat at the beach doing a whole lot of nothing.


1- Fati's driving!!
2- The fresh crab dinner the first night
3- Having my own room :)
4- The hike to the top of the enchanted staircase
5- Running with Todd along the coast trail
6- Alcatraz baby!! Spooky and also very cool. I loved it!
7-The boat ride out to Alcatraz, where I wondered if anyone really ever escaped
8-The china town people playing some sort of card games in the town square
9-The trolley ride, and the funny operator man who told me it was his first day, then left me to the controls
10-The ocean. It was 'paradisical'
11-Todd and Fati's backyard and tons of flowers.
12-Ramon speaking English to me
13-All of the great food!!
14-Fati's sisters for being able to come along in the borrowed mini van, so glad that we got to have them join us!
15-The chocolate of San Fran!
16-Watching Ramon drink a shake from in-and-out burger ...dead staring into space
17-Good talks with mom
18-The Golden Gate Bridge, massive and so intimidating
19-Pier 39
20-Spending time with Todd and Fati and family and having them plan out every last detail. It was such a fun trip!!!


J + A Humphreys said...

So fun! I love it! I guess it's not all that bad that a few of us live out of state. At least we live some place cool now. :) Ramonie and the shake...haha! Heck, I stare into space when I've got In-n-out in my face too. Looks like so much fun.

Toots said...

What a fun post, Aim! Loved reading all about San Fran and the adventures you guys had. I liked your list idea of your favorite things you did there. I am so happy you got to meet Alicia and Guaci. So I guess I've never been behind the wheel when Fati has driven. :) Like Abbie said, It isn't all that bad that some of the siblings live farther away. I love that Fati had all the planning detailed out. That is great. I love the picture of you with the bridge--very cool! And the one of the girls all jumping. How'd you do that?
I do wish we all lived closer, but since we don't it's great to hear about the fun trips.