Tuesday, April 7, 2009

waffles and a dose of reality.

This morning I had waffles. Blueberry eggo smothered in butter and dripping in syrup. Just the way I like them. I poured a glass of milk, grabbed the morning paper and between bites read the top headlines. My good friends the Gibsons were the top headlines this morning, and sadly, as I sat gulping my milk I realized that there was very little I could do to help these friends of mine. Some of my favorite memories from high school were spent out on the Gibson farm in West Weber. My gosh I love the smell of wet manure. We would ride four wheelers, shoot clay pigeons, and just hang out. I take another drink of milk, and continue to read the article. This multi generation dairy farm is the pride and joy of West Weber. Their dairy cows are classy. MMMmmm classy cows. Unfortunately, nobody cares. It appears that a classy dairy cow is not very valuable right now. So I finish my breakfast, empty my glass of milk...and wonder....how much optimism can one farmer have? God bless the dairy farmer who in this crazy time still wakes up at the early touches of morning to get to work, and who has hope that the day will come when he will actually start making money again.


Abbie + Justin said...

Aims, props on the nine-miler. I totally know how you feel about finding motivation to run. It's hard sometimes. But, in the end it is usually worth it and you get some great trophies like - tight bum, flat belly, great legs. I love those trophies.

I am excited to see what my 'hood' is going to be like here. There are lots of kids in the neighborhood and usually someone to play with at the park for the kids. We know of one family who are members about 6 houses down, so that's good. I need to just let all my guards down and take the first step to friendships. It's hard for me sometimes. :)

Poor Gibson's in West Weber. Did you know that's where my mom grew up and all her family still lives? I love it there. My Grandpa has like 10 acres or something out there. Maybe we'll get a piece someday....not sure I could see Justin out swatting mosquitos though. :) Love ya.

Toots said...

I read this article too and it made me feel sad for the hard workin' dairy farmers--the Gibsons. I know just who they are.
I hope things can look up for them. In the mean time, enjoy your eggo waffles!!!