Sunday, July 19, 2009

the perfect day.

Sometimes the perfect day is not perfect at all. It is getting lost with my girl Abs in San Diego cause we are having too much fun talking. It is playing with the puppy and laughing and rolling on the grass and then realizing later that you smell like doggy. It is coloring outside the lines. It is making breakfast for dinner. It is watching your daughter make you scrambled eggs, and then taking a bite of shell. It is laughing at yourself when you trip. It is finding your way with no plan. It is saying I love you to someone that knows you do, but never hears you say it. It is picking out a puppy for my husband and having no idea if I got the right one.
Sometimes the most perfect day is the day filled with the most imperfect moments. I like it that way. I really do.


J + A Humphreys said...

That is a GREAT pic! Your little pup is a pretty cute one. My boys would looooove him. It's true, seems like the best days are the ones with a little twist. Can't be so predictable all the time....even though you know I'd love it that way. :)

Ladd said...

Fat Max needs some play-time with the new pup. Are you guys bringing him along this weekend?

Toots said...

I sure like this pic of Kory and Wiley---BFF's already!