Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It was the summer of 2004. We had just finished a day trip to the Uinta's and we were all dirty, hot, and tired. As we rolled through the town of Kamas we saw, like an angel planted in our path, Dicks. I will never forget the shake, the onion rings. The love. There was a lot of love that day at Dicks. Well, except for Fati, I am not sure she had any greasy American food. And, if we are being totally honest, I think that our eating scared her. Possibly Todd's the most. It was just soooo....caveman like. I don't think they eat that way in Spain. mom, dad, brothers, my kids, all of us...ate like we had never eaten before. It was easily one of my best meals ever, and I have often said, if I had one last meal it would be from Dicks.
Well, like many good things, we have talked about Dicks forever. Each time we are together and we are eating healthy organical food I think, "Remember that one time when we pigged out at Dick's?" Then we all laugh. A lot of love. A lot of love.
So, Monday, when I decided to go with my mom and dad to the Uinta's, we traveled home the long way, to protect the Super Duty Ford truck from the chippers in Evanston (pronounced Ev-ing-ston). I was sleeping in the back, with the kids. My mom was chatting to keep my dad focused on the road. And then, ba boom! There was DICKS!! My gosh!!! My dad, making a split decision says. "AMY! That was DICKS!! Do you want to stop???!" Hellyes I wanna stop. So we did. Mom got onion rings. I got a shake. Dad got a foot long. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day. There was a lot of love that night at Dicks. A lot of love.


Trent Humphreys family said...

Just the name of your blog entry drew me in...I haven't had the pleasure of visiting "Dicks" yet. I'll make sure to put that on my list of places to go in the near future. That's awesome...

Toots said...

Ha ha ha, Aim, I loved this post! So funny! I wish I coulda been there when you guys went! That just makes me laugh when you wrote what Dad says, "should we stop?" hellyes! Oh geeeees. I bet a foot long from Dicks and a creamy shake is waaaaaay goood. Gotta love it.