Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The chic over my right shoulder is the one I passed, ahhh so fun!


J + A Humphreys said...

Aw, I wish we could have all done it again this year. I'm so glad to see that Grandpa was NOT wearing slacks! hahah! :) You look great!

Toots said...

Yes, you guys look great! Ha Ha, that made me laugh what Abbie wrote. Way-to-go!!!! Those fair runs are always a lot of fun. Your baby is going to be so healthy, Aim, because of how good of shape you're in! Yeah!

Rich and Tyra said...

That is AWESOME! I can't beleive you can run at this stage of pregnancy. I would be laying on the couch crying about how crappy and tired I feel and wishing the nausea would go away but all the while telling myself it is worth it eventually. You will be so cute when you get a little belly and are still out there running around! And you probably won't gain any extra weight and will be able to come home from the hospital in jeans. I still feel more comfortable in sweats and he is 16 months old....You are inspiring. I need to be better!!!