Wednesday, September 2, 2009

done with the red.

On Sat I decided enough. Enough with a dining room that we never use. Enough with the red. Enough with the wasted space. So I took the leaf out of the dining room table, squished it together and moved it into the kitchen. Now I have a big empty room with red paint on the walls. Don't get me wrong. I have a secret love affair with red. Red high heels, red lips, red shirt that I love, cinnamon bears.... I love red. But, I have looked at this red room long enough, and now I am ready to paint it. Ideas anyone?? I want the space to have a desk in it, comfy chairs or a small couch, and a cool rug. I need a calming color, and will likely pair it with some shiny things (think Candice Olsen). In other news, I can't WAIT for fall!!! Bring on the football!! Bring on the pumpkins!! Bring on the sweaters!!!! :)


Toots said...

HEy Aim,
I think the idea of putting in a desk in that room is a great idea...make it your home office! You could really use that space well for that reason. I think something calmer in the paint dept. would be very good. I like Candace Olson when I use to watch HGTV. Yes, a comfy chair or two would be great as well. I am excited for you to transform this room! And, now you have your nice black table in the kitchen where you'll use it most. Where did you put the cute white round one?
I just know I am not one to use dining rooms, and so I think if it were me--I would do the same thing, Aim. Change things up! We are ready to repaint our whole house! I am busy spackling! One day we'll get it done. And yes, I am very excited for fall too! My fav time of the year! Bring on the pumpkins...oh ya..pie, muffins..

Kathryn Marie said...

Oh my heck I love Candice Olsen!! She is one of my very most favorite designers ever!!! I read a book by her for one of design classes.. she is brilliant! I am glad to know that other people get sick of their rooms and want to change them as much as i do! haha if you want any designing advice from a recently ID AAS graduate.. ha let me know! :) Love you!

J + A Humphreys said...

Ooooooo, how fun! I love rearranging and re-doing things. A home office sounds so nice too. Are you going to put the green computer cabinet in there? Hum, hum, hum....I'm thinking wheat or oatmeal color for the walls...dark brown desk with dark brown leather chairs maybe??...and then a really fun rug to tie the room together with more color in it. Fun! I wish I had my own house to decorate. Someday!

kimberly said...

I'm voting for a cool blue, and a dark chocolate brown.