Tuesday, November 4, 2008

la la la la la life is wonderful

Today take a minute today and remember your blessings. We get to vote today. We have our freedom. We live in a land of opportunity.

Things I am thankful for today:

My family
The Rain
That I get to vote
My fun art class!! See pics above...
My fantastic friends
My memories
My testimony
Our home
My great job
Those who I connect with, and those who I have reconnected with
People who read my blog!!


Humphreys Fam said...

The first picture is soooo cute. I love that Emma has her horse. Her little class looks like so much fun. Kids that age are just like a lump of clay waiting to be shaped. So fun you get to do that.

And yes, Happy Voting. Hooray for no more campaigning in Ohio...I just want my commercials back. :)

Toots said...

I LOVE the recent pictures and words on your blog. They speak my language, 100%! I think it is so cool that you go into Emma's and Hayden's classes and teach them art. They all look so happy with what they created. You do too.
Your kids will always remember this and the other kids already think you're cool. Plus, I love your write-up of what you're thankful for. Each one was so good to hear about.
Voting is something to be thankful for--it's true! Love all that you said.

Brian and Jen said...

ah la la la la la life goes full circle...

Val and Tav said...

There are a a lot of things to be grateful for... thank you for reminding me to take a minute and reflect on those. PS... I love the rain :) Oh and... I am thankful for you. And sequins.