Thursday, November 20, 2008

ten layers

photo by Emma Age 6

Everyone has layers. They help to shape us, and define how much we want to share with others. I have ten layers. Complicated. Simple. Layered Me.

Layer 1 - I know your name. You know mine.

Layer 2 - You have added me on facebook. I am nice to you. I have never said LY in a IM to you. You don't know that I hate being called skinny.

Layer 3 - We share inside jokes, we have had at least one deep conversation. You like my style. We get along great, but you don't really know me. We share environments.

Layer 4 - You have heard me brag about my family. You have listened as I share stories that are close to my heart. You may have even been in one of those stories. You know that I love to bake, paint, and have a new You know that running is my new escape, and that I am training for a half marathon. You know my kids are my inspiration and true love in this life. You have looked me in the eyes and truly listened to me.

Layer 5 - You have seen me cry.

Layer 6 - You know the story of the day I left my Grandpa in the hospital...alone...and the regret I still feel to this day. You know that I still think about this often and wish that I had not been so eager to go eat lunch, and instead stayed with him so that he would have not been scared. You know I cry about this each time I hear the song "Song for a Winters Night" by Sarah McLachlan.

Layer 7 - You know my regrets. You know my flaws. You know the pain I have dealt with. You have seen pictures of me from way before the plastic surgeons got a hold of my face. You know the story of how my prom date changed my life forever, and the day I prayed so loud in my head that someone would see beautiful me. And you know how I felt when it happened.

Layer 8 - You have read my book. You know my deepest fears. You know what my love languages are. You have touched and influenced my life beyond what I could ask for. I listen to your advice and admire who you are and everything you stand for.

Layer 9 - You are in my life each and every day. You support and understand all of my decisions. You build me up on days when I am so low I can't see the sun. You jump higher than I do when good news pours down. You are a true friend.

Layer 10- You have seen the best of me. You have seen the worst of me. You still love me.


H. said...

Amy, you are my hero.
Honestly, I love you lady.
Thank you for being such an outstanding example, mentor, and friend. and for all you've done for me! I hope I can be just like you someday. :) You are one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met, inside and out.
God bless you wonderful.

Humphreys Fam said...

I wish I had just a little bit of your brain. I loved this! For each layer I could think of people in my own life. It also made me think about how relationships grow layer by layer. So glad we're sisters. You know I love you, think you are the greatest, and wish I was more like you all the time. Love the pic by Emma. She's got mad skillz like her Momma. Also, 'Song for a Winter's Night' is one of my most favorite Sarah songs ever. I love it. Now I can think of Gramp when I hear it too.

Rich and Tyra said...

You amaze me with what you come up with girl! Why doesn't my brain think like yours? It makes so much sense when you put it in words at things I think about but not in the same way as you until you describe them and then it all makes sense to me! Does any of what I just wrote make sense? Well it does to me but probably not to anyone else! I am so glad to know you! I would like to read your book and see your pictures! Only if you would want to share though. Love ya!

Fatima Humphreys said...

Hi Amy, Todd and I love your blog. We follow it. We can't wait to read your book ( I will like to know that layer too :D). We love you.
Fati and Todd

Toots said...

This kind of writing is exactly why you will be a fabulous author! I loved the idea of layers. We all have them and we share them one by one with those we love most, don't we? You are so full of variety, Aim! Everyone has tought times and times we may regret. But each layer is a new piece of us that we aquire and makes us unique. I

Val and Tav said...

I am proud to say that I have seen a lot of almost all of the layers. You truly are a beautiful person... inside and out. People cannot help but glow around you. That is a great, and unique, quality that not many have. I look up to you in many ways and love you always and forever. You are a role model to me... and I am confident to say... many people. You are amazing and I hope you know that. I love all the layers of Amy... you are like an onion ;) (Shrek)

Kat said...

So what layer would I be on? We have shared so much but we got separated along the way. You photos are beautiful by the way. I was siked to see that you were pursuing photography. I always knew you could do it :)