Sunday, June 7, 2009

the BBQ

Nothin like a good BBQ to kick off summer! Hayden, Joe D, Joe S.

Mike chillin before dinner.

The ladies...Wendy, Robyn, Gina, Amy, Julie, and Wendy.

Steve and Julie

Emma takes PK on a horse back ride. Well, Emma IS almost 7!

Like two little kids at the fair! We could not stop laughing! Watching them mount the horse and dismount brought me to tears!

My little sunshine.

Notice Robyn in this pic. I love it!!

Joe, Robyn, and Wendy

Joe and Torey.

Hayden working on his mean spiral.


Cutest ever PK and the horses.

Kory grilling elk, salmon, chicken, and pheasant.

Gorgeous Gina!

We had a few people from work come for a BBQ and we had a great time! Everyone brought a side dish - Gina brought her famous baked beans, they are AMAZING!! Wendy D brought freshly baked rolls...mmmmm so good, J Pipp made the best cobbler we have ever and raspberry and he timed it just right, Julie brought a fruit tray filled with EVERY kind of my favorite fruit and a super light whipped dip, and Robyn made a green salad with strawberries that was perfect for summer!

I feel so fortunate to be able to work with so many fine people. I call each one of them friend, and rightly so. Thanks for coming everyone!!


Toots said...

looks like fun, Aim! Man, the food Kory was grilling that night sure sounds wonderful! Wow.

J + A Humphreys said...

That looks so fun. So lucky you have the backyard to accommodate. I think it's great you work with so many good people. Tell Kory to sign me up for an elk steak. Ummmmmm, good!!

Wendy Pippin said...

your house/backyard was so beautiful, Jared and I spent the next 2 days talking about how perfect it was. You were a great host! Thanks for the fun night.

johansen viking said...

Is that your home and property? GORGOUS!!!! ALL OF IT!